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SKU 27538

Duo Skin To Skin Condoms 6Pcs


Skin to Skin condoms are designed to make you feel even more enjoyable, thanks to its much better sense - your companion, while ensuring safety and high protection.
With natural color, lubricating coating, smooth surface, straight shape, seminal finish.
It has a neutralizing vanilla aroma.
Nominal width: 56 mm
Significantly thinner condom at the points that count.

Indications: packaged skin to skin condoms, prophylaxis of sexually transmitted diseases *

For external use only.
Keep skin to skin in a shady, cool place, away from children.
This product contains natural Latex that may cause an allergic reaction (including allergic shock) in some people with latex allergy
* No contraceptive method is capable of providing 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
Use each condom only once (not reusable).

Made in Malaysia
In recyclable packaging

Content - Packaging: 6 pieces