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Durex Classic Condoms 18pcs


Classic easy to wear condoms to give you the pleasure of erotic far safely and securely.
The No1 condom Durex in the world in the area of condoms is a global leader with over 80 years of experience
The build quality of the Durex not fulfilling just global standards of quality condoms, but exceed them, giving you the confidence to enjoy sexual intercourse.
Pleasure fit: specially designed with a special shape for what pleasant and comfortable experience.
Smell better: thanks to the special construction makes them smell better.

♦ Easy to wear, with seminal conclusion
♦ Made of natural rubber latex
♦ Transparent with lubricating coating
♦ 100% electronically tested
♦ Dermatologically tested
♦ Nominal width: 56mm

Classic Durex condoms

For external use only.
Store in shady and cool place, away from children.
Use a condom only once.
No method of contraception does not provide 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies, HIV and virus otherwise STDs.

18 condoms

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