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Durex Invisible Extra Thin Extra Sensitive 12pcs


Durex Invisible Extra Thin Extra Sensitive 12pcs

Durex Invisible extra thin, extra sensitive
> With smooth walls and seminal outcome
> Transparent condoms made from natural latex rubber with lubricant

Extra sensitivity where it needs it most.
The condoms Durex Invisible is thinner condoms has presented the Durex, designed for maximum sensitivity, while providing a high level of safety and protection.
Please read the brochure in this package, especially if you use condoms for anal or oral sex.
Use each condom only once.
No method of contraception can provide you 100% protection with respect to pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
100% electronically tested
The special method of construction of Durex condoms make them smell better.
The use of lubricant Durex Play can improve sex and is safe in condoms, unlike lubricant based oils which may damage the condom.

Contents: 12 condoms