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Durex Pleasuremax 12 condoms


Durex Pleasuremax 12 condoms

Durex Pleasuremax 12 condoms are the absolutely youthful and classic way of protection. Condoms designed to maximize the stimulation of nerve endings, with cleverly placed embossed dots and streaks for greater enjoyment of both.

Durex Pleasuremax:

- Transparent, lubricated coating
- Dermatologically tested
- 100% electronically audited
- Easy to carry, with spermatic end
- Nominal width: 56mm
- Made of natural latex rubber

Easy-to-use Durex Pleasuremax lubricant condoms for greater comfort

For external use only.
Keep Durex Jeans in a shady and cool place away from children.
Read the instructions carefully, especially if you use them for anal or oral contact.
Use a condom only once.
No method of contraception offers 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
To retain unused Durex Jeans condoms, reassemble the box by closing the top and bottom lids.

12 condoms


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