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Durex Suprise Me Variety 40Pcs


Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms are made of natural rubber latex.

In a unique package with '' variety '' of condoms.

10 Condoms Durex Sensitive
-Extra minutes for a better feeling
-Nominal width: 56mm

10 Extra Safe Condoms
-Condoms transparent and thicker, for even greater safety.
-Nominal width: 56mm

10 Pleasuremax Condoms
-With cleverly positioned excitatory streaks and dots.
-Nominal width: 56mm

10 Condoms Tickle Me
-With uniquely positioned streaks.
-Nominal width: 53mm


Check the expiration date and the packaging for any damage. Wear the condom before your partner touches the penis. This helps prevent both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. With the roll on the outside, push the end and place the condom on the tip of the penis into the erection. Unfold down toward the base. Stop and check if you feel that the condom is slipping or pushing excessively on the penis because this can lead to breakage. The condom can be removed soon after ejaculation, it must be kept well in place at the base of the penis before removing it. Dispose of it in a basket and never in the toilet. Use only lubricants recommended for use with condoms.
Discontinue use if you feel discomfort or irritation when using it. These condoms are from natural Latex, which can cause allergic reactions even anaphylactic shock if the user is allergic to Latex.

40 pieces