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Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema Cream 50g


Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema Cream 50g

Indications: Atopic Dermatitis, Severe Dry Skin, Eczema, Allergic Reactions

Special cream non-cortisone cream to relieve redness and itching of skin irritation from:
♦ Atopiki dermatitis (acute phase)
♦ Allergic reactions
♦ Dry
♦ Hydration
♦ Alleviation of pruritus with efficiency comparable to that of hydrocortisone
♦ Restoration of the epidermal skin''s protective barrier

The damage of the skin barrier allows entry to skin irritants that cause itching.
H malfunction of the epidermal barrier is a critical issue, as the TEWL and decreased ceramide levels, reduce the water content in the epidermis.
In dry skin shall be restoring horseshoe lipid structure.
The Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema, improves the dryness and itching enischyontaskata during treatment of dermatitis atopikis operation epidermal barrier.

The Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema relieves itching and why this mimics the skin''s normal function in the following ways:

• Providing lipids (eg tiles) as in healthy skin in lamellar layers.
• Providing normal hygroscopic agents for enhanced hydration
• restoring the epidermal barrier and relieving itching

Instructions for use:
→ Apply as needed to affected skin.
→ Do not use on skin wounds.
→ The cream Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema does not limit the duration and frequency of use as the daily application number.
→ Avoid using it when there is a known allergy to any of the ingredients.

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