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Boderm Oliprox Cream 40ml


Boderm Oliprox Cream 40ml

The Oliprox cream has soothing effect on areas Seborrheic dermatitis and easily applied to the skin.

The Oliprox cream has been developed as an effective means for removing the skin plates, while limiting the establishment and while reducing itching and erythema.
The Oliprox cream has a unique formulation of effective active ingredients such as: Climbazole, Modukine and Piroctone Olamine which act on the skin through the unique structure of Liquid Krystallon- (LC).
The LC in the epidermis creates a film which improves the moisture while strengthening the skin barrier.
The LC also into small beads include ingredients (Climbazole - Piroctone Olamine with unique antibacterial-antifungal properties) releasing the tranches.
Alongside the Modukine gives an anti-inflammatory action. It helps to reduce the hardness and skin irritation, strengthens the lipid barrier and normalize skin moisture.
Dermatologist tested product

Content: 40 ml