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Hartmann Molicare Premium Soft Extra, Incontinence Diapers Medium, 30pcs


Hartmann, Molicare Premium Soft, diapers for incontinence, No Medium 30 pieces

Size medium,
hip circumference - belly: 90-120 cm

Incontinence diapers friendly skin outer face fabric texture, impermeable to liquids. It has a soft air-permeable and simultaneously liquid repellent nonwoven material in the region of the hips.
Additional features include:
> Woven antibacterial material Dry-Plus technology neutral pH
> Absorbent core: captures odors
> Index moisture: Note the timing for changing the diaper.
> Outer cover nonwoven material entire diaper
> Anatomic inner walls that repel moisture and hug the leg.
> Anatomical design aspects elastic around the legs.
> Self-adhesive velcro strips open and close several times.
> In distinctive white color with colored bands to mark the size and degree of absorbency.
It has a high absorbency and offer high protection and liquid storage capacity, providing reliable protection against leaks and excessive moisture. They keep the skin around a pleasant dry environment thanks to the high air permeability of the hips.
Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested.

> For severe and very severe incontinence and / or stool
> For people who need special care or show serious concern.
> For healthy skin despite incontinence.

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