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Hartmann MoliMed Active 14Pcs


Hartmann MoliMed Active are incontinence men with antibacterial non-woven material with Dry-Plus technology and neutral pH as well as a superabsorbent core that captures unpleasant odors. Lined across the surface from non-woven material and a white outer fabric-like surface, impervious to fluid and air permeable thanks to its micropores. Especially designed for male anatomy for comfort and safe protection. They are protected from excessive moisture, they are discreet with wide adhesive strips for easy attachment to the undergarments.
In fact, the Hartmann MoliMed Active is pocket-shaped around the penis. They are suitable for lightweight incontinence for particularly discreet care.

Male diapers, lightweight incontinence, after prostate surgery. Suitable for comfortable, safe and discreet protection for active and moving people.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

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14 pieces

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