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Becalm, Emecalm Syrup 120ml


Emecalm Syrup 120 ml with cherry flavor
The Emecalm is a dietary supplement compatible with medications for the relief of nausea and vomiting.
It features a unique composition, helps the body to recover normal blood glucose levels, helps balance the digestive tract soothing the muscle contractions of the stomach may cause vomiting.
It contains no preservatives, antihistamines, alcohol or parabens. This is an effective and safe solution for adults and children from 3 years.
combats the symptoms of nausea in various situations such as:
Travel - travel (travel Nausea)
Viruses - gastroenteritis
♦ * Pregnancy - Morning sickness
♦ Premenstrual syndrome
♦ Excessive eating or drinking (Hangover)
♦ Migraines
♦ Exhaustion elderly
♦ Severe cough
♦ Anxiety, stress - intense feelings
♦ Exhaustive diets
♦ Vigorous exercise

It suggested the following dosage as the case:
Adults and children from 12 years: 10ml (1 tablespoon). Do not exceed 5 doses (50ml) per hour.
Children aged 2 to 12: 5ml (1 teaspoon). Do not exceed 5 doses (25ml) per hour.
In Pregnant *: 2 doses of 10ml, 15 ''before getting out of bed. Retry download of 10ml if symptoms reappear.
Transportation / Travel: Taking two doses, 15 to 30 minutes before starting the journey. Repeat dose making every 1 hours to travel long lasting.
Maximum consumption per day: 60 ml for children and 120ml for adults.
Do not dilute immediately before or after taking should not consume liquids.
If the nausea continues or is repeated frequently, doctor.
* If you are pregnant or lactating consult before taking the product your doctor

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