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Becalm, Emecalm Syrup Monodosis 6x10ml


The Emecalm is a dietary supplement that provides a natural solution for the relief of nausea.
It has a unique composition, allowing the body to restore normal levels of glucose, helps balance the digestive system and acting sedative in the muscle contractions of the stomach may cause vomiting.

Does not contain: antihistamines, preservatives, parabens or alcohol. This is for adults an effective solution and also an extremely safe solution for children over 2 years.

Effectively treats nausea in cases such as:
♦ Excessive alcohol consumption or food (Hangover)
♦ Travel - travel
♦ Premenstrual syndrome
♦ * Pregnancy - Morning sickness
♦ Migraines
♦ Viruses - gastroenteritis
♦ Exhaustion elderly
♦ Anxiety, stress - intense feelings
♦ Intense exercise
♦ Severe cough
♦ Exhaustive diets

* If you are pregnant or lactating consult your doctor before taking the product

Content: six single doses (pods) with 10 ml each

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