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Eco Health Trap to attract insects and wasps


Trap in the form of a plastic crystal with cardboard sleeve.

Does not contain insecticides.

The liquid containing attract and eliminate insects.

The product is harmless and can be placed anywhere.

It is particularly useful for summer patios and pools.

The wasp is attractive based on natural biological substances.

Dissolved in water and emits a strong smell that attracts wasps

as well as other unwanted insects.

It does not hurt other potentially useful insects.


1. Open the trap, twist the cap in the direction of arrow writes OPEN.

2. Pour into the trap of 2-3 tablespoons of the contents of the bottle


3. Add ½ liter of water in the trap and stir until dissolved product.

4. Close the trap of turning the cap in the direction of the arrow that says SHUT.

5. Clean the trap when it contains several bugs.

6. For guaranteed results always use the product ECOGENE ATTRACTIF GUEPES.