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Epsilon Health Silben U40 10ml


Silben U40 is a topical medical device in the form of a clear thin gel in a tube with muzzle discharge and an airtight lid. Silben U40 Thanks to the well-known keratolytic action of high concentration urea and to the innovative system of administration, is indicated in cases of deterioration of the nail due to trauma or psoriasis.
The use of Silben U40 removes the keratin from the surface, allows grinding and limiting the thickness of the nail, thus promoting its renewal.
Silben U40 can also be used to prepare the nail for treatment with topical antifungal drugs.
Urea in high concentration improves the absorption of the drug, improving the healing time.
Often the fingernail, especially the one on the big toe, creates a solid barrier to the penetration of the drug. Urea removes keratin from the nail surface and thus the fingernail becomes more permeable and at the same time it benefits its renewal.

Fingernail lesions due to trauma or psoriasis, reduction of nail fattening, nail preparation for pharmaceutical treatment.

10 mL of