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EYZYN Heart Drink 500ml


A valuable recipe discovered intuitive St Chilntgkarnt (1098-1179), pharmaceutical and medical knowledge which has been officially recognized by both the Catholic Church and the modern medicine.

This recipe prominently in the book of world-renowned botanist Maria Treben «Health in Pharmacy of God" and which is highly recommended. Many doctors and internationally, to include in their recipes.

Heart of the drink made from the welfare Tinos, aged red wine from organically grown grapes, honey and organic parsley.

As the Trempen Maria has proven evergetikotato for any cardiac disorders and heart weakness, make even the healing process.

Take precautions when they occur or discomfort or pain in the heart, two, three or more tablespoons daily.

There is absolutely no side effects.

Besides the botanical properties, the drink of the heart is popular because of the wonderful flavor and low alcohol content (4%). Keep refrigerated and drunk cold.

500ml in glass bottle.