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Healthia, Aqua Balance 500mg 90caps



A unique combination of 11 concentrated herbs and micronutrients, specially designed for the setting of physiological levels in body fluids.

Many people (especially women) suffering from persistent fluid retention or non-swelling non-pathological. Many women are confronted with this problem in each cycle period, bloating and swelling in the middle band, accompanied with discomfort, bags under the eye area and swollen fingers, knees and ankles. The Aqua Balance helps renally physical elimination of unnecessary process liquids and waste produced during the metabolism.

Ideal for:
■ the most cases retention and edema
■ maintain fluid balance in the body (intracellular / extracellular)
■ very sensitive breasts during the period
■ detoxification programs
■ after a period of alcohol or junk food
■ edematous cellulite
■ menopause
■ swelling of the extremities
■ sedentary lifestyle, working environment
■ lymphatic system jammed
■ fluid retention in the neck and bags under the eyes

Contents: 90 vegetal cellulose capsules

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