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More Sept Venom Extractor


Extractor company Venom More sept.


During the summer discomfort from insect bites are common. The company more sept, designed the venom extractor which can be used to remove the poison by stings and insect bites, such as wasps, bees, flies and horseflies. Also removes the poison from snake bites and Drakena. The poison is removed painlessly and safely, relieving you of the annoying symptoms caused by the bite. The venom extractor comprising a vacuum pump, two different sized ends for large or small bites, hemostatic fearful, wipes with povidone iodine which is distinguished for its antimicrobial activity and in contact with the tissues gradually releases iodine, decontaminating them. Additionally, it contains alcohol wipes with disinfectant and antiseptic.

The venom extractor company more sept, available in convenient package that can be easily carried in your summer getaways.
Especially useful for people working in the countryside, where the contact with insects is inevitable.

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