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OTI Flowers energy No.11


OTI Flowers energy No.11

In recent years it has become ever increasing interest of both therapeutic practices, alternative medicine, such as traditional, science and the arts. The links between the different aspects of reality and the corresponding interdependence between biological and psychological phenomena, ecological and sociological show how flexible approach to holistic knowledge. On this basis we created a complementary product between the psychosomatic and flower-treatment.
Regarding the psychosomatic party has already shown that the biological activity includes a synthesis of psychological functions and biological functions.
As for the flower-treatment does not fight the symptoms, but care about the personality, gradually helping to heal the wounds in the mind of the body.
The flowers of which is composed of flowers from California and Australia comparable to those of homeopathic medicines.

Content: 20ml

Caution: Do not make use of children.

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