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Power health Fleriana all natural Moth-repellent 5pcs


Power health Fleriana all natural Moth-repellent 5pcs

The Fleriana all natural natural skoroapothitiko 5pcs is the new innovative product, highly effective 100% natural flower extracts and lavender, which lasts up to five months and is suitable and ideal for children''s clothing. Thanks to the rich and active ingredients which contains the rich composition of which are of natural origin, makes it eco-friendly and really very effective in combating the moth.
It is 100% effective thanks to geraniol containing and used as the most active substance in skoroapothitiko fleriana natural origin. The geraniol is a molecule which is used by the man too old with fragrance properties mainly. Will give a natural feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the wardrobe.

Instructions for use :
You can use it without fear of closets and drawers incorporating children''s clothes. The effect will last aromatizing and preserving for an entire season.

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