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Power Health Fleriana Scented Jasmine Clothing 3pcs


Scented laundry with jasmine of Fleriana company.


Formulated with 100% natural jasmine essential oil, flavoring scent is ideal even for children''s clothes. More specifically, natural jasmine is one of the most unique flavors of nature. Distilled from adorning varieties, the jasmine essential oil contained, with sweet and sophisticated fragrance offers clothes daily renewal and protection from unpleasant odors. With a duration of action of up to five months, as the action of jasmine lasts as long as the smell. You will know when it becomes weakened after starts weakens the smell.

The aromatic clothes Fleriana, comes in sachets. Each pack contains 3 pieces.
Remove the tea bags from the protective film. Spend special paper hangers from the slot that is located in one of the four corners of the envelope. Indicative, use at least 2 sachets in any wardrobe.

Find sachets are not using, keep them closed in the protective visor for future use in a cool, dry and away from food, utensils and children.
The contact with the flavoring machine jasmine company Fleriana, is harmless, but the the ingestion can cause choking.
Can cause allergic reaction.
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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