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Sonett biodegradable dishwashing liquid 1L


Sonett Liquid dish detergent - Lemon

The Sonett is a pioneer in ecological detergents and cleaners. Thanks to the excellent quality of products Sonett products are available in almost every European country.
With responsibility for the recovery of used water from washing and cleaning substances added to products processed in rhythmic mixer type OLOID and use the spinning water in 12 oval glass containers.
All raw materials are completely biodegradable, and without synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Without enzymes and petro epifanodrastikes substances, bleaching activator, or also genetic engineering or nanotechnology products.
The oils in our soaps and all essential oils originate 100% from controlled biological cultivation.
Suitable for hand washing
Naturally fresh scent Organic lemongrass oil

Apply a few drops (about 3ml / 5 liter water) in the washing water or directly to the sponge.
Manufactured and packed in Germany

Content: 1 liter