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Vencil Anagenesis Gel, 30ml


Vencil Anagenesis Gel is a specially designed gel for the drastic control of s and burns.
Vencil Anagenesis Gel contains:

- Glucosamine (heparinoid): Accelerates healing while limiting possible complications during it.
- Centella asiatica extract: Increases production collagen, protects against the creation of new rails and can improve existing marks/scars.
- Zinc gluconate: Zinc in gluconate form, necessary for the smooth healing of s.
- Copper peptide: Active ingredient that helps remove damaged bulky tissue and normalizes scars.
- Sodium hyaluronate: necessary ingredient for the transfer of peptide growth factors and structural proteins to the wound, promoting its healing.
- Aloe vera: Has anti-inflammatory action and helps to regenerate the skin faster.

- Hypertrophic scars.
- Cheloid scars.
- Post-traumatic scars.
- After surgery.
- Burns.

Suggested Usage:
1-2 weeks after surgery, daily continuous use up to 12 months.

For external use only.
Keep Vencil Anagenesis Gel in a shady and cool place, away from kids.

Content - Packaging
30 ml