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Vitorgan Venturi Ve System Filter for Slim cigarettes, 4Pcs


The Venturi Ve Filter Filter is for those who want to smoke but reduce their potential health risks. Each filter Venturi Ve System filter retains 80% of the harmful substances of the cigarette (nicotine, tar, heavy particles, etc.), without altering its taste and aroma. So the harmful substances stay in the filter and not in your body !!!
Important Benefits
♦ Detain nicotine and tar
♦ Remove the toxic Ingredients of the cigarette
♦ They do not alter its taste

Smoking filters
, slim cigarettes, retention of harmful substances, tar, nicotine, heavy particles.

Each time you smoke, apply the Vitorgan Venturi Ve Filter. At regular intervals, rinse the interior.
Each filter is cleaned every 7-20 cigarettes and reused.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Made in USA
U.S. Patent 3,434,480

Content - Packaging
4 filters