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Zewa Softis Tissues Standard 10pcs


Zewa Cotton Touch touch your skin softly and offer a soft feel of cotton.
With four layers of extra soft paper, making the Zewa Softis the ideal everyday tissue. Necessary ally at the time of colds and spring allergies. It is embossed with the Zewa logo, which is a guarantee of the renowned quality of Zewa tissues. Now in new packaging that highlights the high level of Zewa care.
Now even more durable with natural cotton fibers, this four-sided handkerchief has unmatched durability and softness that cotton fiber gives.
With the new Zewa cotton touch you have a reliable ally always next to you in your daily hygiene.
Dimensions (21 x 21)

Four-leaf Zewa tissues. Four coats. High strength. cotton touch.

For outdoor use only.
Keep it in a shady, dry place, away from children.

Prepared in the European Union

Pack of 10 pieces (weight 21.24 grams)