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Intermed Calmovix Junior 125ml


Calmovix Junior
Syrup for dry cough for children up to 6 years and infants from 6 months.
Flavor: strawberry

The Calmovix Junior soothes symptoms associated with dry cough and also creates a film that hydrates the throat and thus relieves sore throat. Specifically designed to be administered to infants from 6 months and children up to 6 years.

Without coloring and sugar.

Instructions for use
Use 3-4 times per day depending of the intensity of symptoms.
For babies 6-12 months: 5 mL.
For children 1-6 years: 10 mL

For children with diabetes, keep in mind that per dose (5ml) corresponding to 0.75 grams of hydrogenated and partially hydrolyzed starch.
NOT to be taken by people with fructose intolerance (due to the presence of maltitol).

Warnings / Precautions:
Before taking the product for infants from 6 months to 12 months, seek the advice of a doctor. If severe or persistent symptoms appear dry cough (over three days), seek medical advice.

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