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Heating Pads
SKU 23920

Medico Hot Water Pad, 1pcs


Hot water bottle.

This heating pad made of a single piece of rubber. The construction is made in such a way as to have no seams or welds. Instead, it has a small whirling, white cap for easy use and durability. With this plug there is no chance to obtain any leakage of water from the heating pad. The water is held securely inside and warmer characterized as waterproof. It has stripes on both sides, in order not to slide easily from the point that you can place and you get the best possible results from its use.

Used typically in cases where you want to relieve back pain, abdomen and neck. The pains are quite intense and annoying to the point that can afflict you in completing your daily tasks and duties. The Medico you warmer water "solves" hands now, you soothes and calms you.

It has a capacity of two (2) liters and is available in variety of colors, such as red and blue.