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Sanger Warmflasche heating pad with cover 2lt


Sanger Warmflasche heating pad with cover 2lt

The Sanger Warmflasche hot water bottle 2lt is the new innovative heating pad suitable and ideal water to soothe the pain naturally, is made of natural rubber extract (latex) and anatomically designed with thin and thick stripes. It features safety valve special type of Teflon, providing and ensuring complete sealing without any leakage. It is suitable for temporary relief from chronic skeletal injuries such as in rheumatoid arthritis or lower back pain, temporary relief of muscle aches and is ideal for thermotherapy in period pains.
The warmer the company Sanger, consists of a soft cover, specially designed to keep the contents of the temperature inside the heating pad. With special safety cap in the top part for easier insertion and extraction of the liquid in the heating pad. Available in cheerful blue, pink and red, making it a pleasure to use, giving it the capacity for relaxation and wellness as part of thermotherapy.
The use of hot water bottles in cases of severe cold and to treat pain especially after injuries or period pains and low back pain cases, is necessary and is necessary for the effective relief. Moreover assist in relieving intestinal disorders and in the improvement of the circulatory system. The heating pad has a capacity of 2 liters. With stripes and lid for the safe use of the well can minimize the possibility of leakage during which it is used.

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