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DR. C. Soldan Em-eukal Ginger - Orange 50gr


DR. C. Soldan Em-eukal Ginger - Orange 50gr

The DR. C. Soldan Em-eukal Ginger - Orange 50gr are conventional candies throat and cough, orange flavored, sugarless German origin, with sugar replacer isomaltose, the retention of neutral PH value orally. With rich contents of Vitamin C, the candies DR. C. Soldan contribute to normal and smooth functioning of the immune system. As sweetening natural substance and sugar substitute, the isomalt used as candies DR. C. Soldan is compatible with homeopathic treatment. The balanced harmony of valuable ingredients and an exquisite natural orange gives these sweets an authentic and distinctive flavor. A very special kind of lovely orange. They are suitable and ideal for the neck and throat.

Instructions for use :
Apply by oral leaving a candy melt in the mouth. Keep in a cool, dry place and away from children. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect.

Content: 50 gr