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Vox Lysopaine Strawberry Mint 18pcs


The Vox Lysopaine is a natural product with flavor strawberry Mint soothes sore throat with hoarseness, sore throat and decreased voice volume

More specifically it can be used in cases where there are:

Irritation and inflammation of both the mouth and in the pharyngeal mucosa
Difficulty swallowable due to sore throat which may be accompanied by itching and dry mouth
Symptoms of the common cold

Ingredients containing Vox Lysopaine:

The main ingredient is alum (alum 5 mg) and Iceland moss (Iceland moss 80mg),
other ingredients are also of the sorbitol, silica, flavor (lemon, frescofort, eucalyptus), talc, polyethylene glycol, xanthan gum, curcumin, magnesium stearate.

It has 18 lozenges in which each contained sorbitol in an amount of 1065mg.

This medical product does not contain sugar, gluten, lactose

What you need to know before taking the Vox Lysopaine:

Not limiting to taking Vox Lysopaine pregnancy cases as well
and lactation, it would certainly be consistent and your doctor''s opinion.

It is also good use and by diabetics (it does not contain sugar) and by children over 6 years

As mentioned previously because the Vox Lysopaine containing sorbitol should not be taken by people who are sensitive to fructose

Finally it is advisable to have the line consulting a doctor in cases of patients with Alzheimer''s disease and Parkinson''s syndrome.

Avoid the overdose drinking Vox Lysopaine because there may be a laxative effect.