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Nasal Cleansing
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A.Vogel Luffa nasal spray (Pollinosan) 20ml


Luffa nasal spray (Pollinosan)
Nasal spray by Luffa (loofah)
The properties described below relate to the traditional use of the herb
Desensitizing action (blocking allergens)
Synthesis of seven tropical herbs
Contains herbal extracts of freshly harvested
It can take a long time and along with medication
Description - mode of action
The loofah is usually used in combination with other herbs for all cases of allergies. Operates "blocking" and eliminating toxins that impair the immune system and alleviates the symptoms of rhinitis such as sneezing, a runny nose and nasal congestion.
The greatest benefit from the use of the herb is the lack of side effects usually develop synthetic antihistamines, such as drowsiness and payment. It is possible to use it for a long time depending on the needs.
The Ammi visnaga D1 exerts anticonvulsant activity in the bronchi and relieve breathlessness, which often occurs during the allergy.
The herb Aralia racemosa acts targeted in sore throat and trachea, assists in reducing inflammation in the nose and bronchi.
The Cardiospermum halicacaum relieves and soothes allergic reaction and particularly itchy allergic skin reactions.
The Larrea Mexicana has strong anti-inflammatory action and effectively reduces allergic symptoms such as itching and sneezing.
The Galphimia Glavca have desensitizing properties and directly reduces the body''s reaction to allergens. It is useful in the treatment of bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis caused by pollen.
To Okoubaka aubrevillei is a powerful detoxifying herb. Add to the composition of the formula to "purify" and strengthen the organization and to strengthen the action of the other six herbs.
Luffa operculata, Ammivisnaga, Aralia racemosa, Cardiospermum halicacabum, Okoubaka aubrevillei, Larreamexicana, Galphimia glauca
Dosage and method of use
Adults and children over 12: Spray once into each nostril 3-5 times daily.

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