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Nasal Cleansing
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BioAxess Pharyndol Sinus 15ml


Pharyndol Sinus is a hypergonal solution of glycerol that exerts 6 times more osmotic pressure on the nasal passages, reinforced with 4 plant tannins of green tea, bilberry and hams which have an antiviral effect. The Pharyndol Sinus activity was compared to that of a 3% NaCl solution (control group) in 113 patients. At the end of 30 ''after the first use of Pharyndol Sinus, a strong decongestant effect (+ 32%) was observed. It was observed that after the first day of treatment Sinus reduced 41% of the nasal congestion, while the 20% hypertonic solution. At the same time after the first day of treatment, it was observed that Sinus reduced 59% of the pain and feeling of pressure on the face, while the hypertonic solution was only 3%. Regarding the antiviral effect, it was observed that the combination of 4 tannins resulted in 100% inhibition of the proliferation of the viruses. The study showed that the use of Pharyndol Sinus is effective, safe and restricts the use of antibiotics in the fight against sinusitis.

Nasal spraying. Relieve symptoms of sinusitis.

For topical use only.
A mild and transient irritation may occur in the first 10-15 ''after first use.
If the irritation is intense or persistent, it is recommended to stop using the product.
If you have an allergy to any of its ingredients, avoid taking it.
Do not use after expiry date and after 30 days of first use.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

15 ml