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Nasal Cleansing
SKU 30032

Epsilon Health Tonimer Panthexyl Spray, 100ml


The Tonimer Panthexyl Spray is a sterile hypertonic solution with seawater to liquidate and remove mucus in the nasal cavities. It is indicated for adults and children in cases of colds with microbial contamination, such as Nasopharyngitis and Nasololitis, for the prevention of acute otitis media due to the accumulation of mucus in the middle ear as well as treatment after Surgical procedures in the nasal cavity. Enriched with Panthenol and xylitol, healthy protects, soothes, moisturizes and relieves the nasal mucosa, improving breathing.

Sterile hypertonic solution, removal and liquefaction of mucus.

Usage: 1-2 sprays with the Tonimer Panthexyl Spray on each nostril, 3-6 times a day.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place (< 50C), Away from children.
Pressurized container can explode if overheated or punctured. Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, uncovered flame and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke during use. Do not puncture or burn the container even after use.

100ml (3.38 fl. oz.)