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Nasal Cleansing
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Nikoma Nasaline Adult Rinsing System


What is Nasaline adult:


The Nasaline is a unique, patented , natural , drug-free Nasal Wash System for nasal decongestion , designed by a group of Swedish otolaryngologists . The Nasaline effectively remove unwanted mucous secretions , and any allergens from the nasal cavity. After a prolonged stay in dry, dusty or smoky atmosphere , cleans and clogs the nasal passages , reducing nasal irritation and hydrating mucous factors. The Nasaline helps to effectively and safely relieve various ailments rinokolpikon and is used for:


Rhinitis ( allergic , time etc )


Postoperative treatment ( diaphragm , niches , rhinoplasty , polyps)

Before the use of nasal drugs ( such as sprays and drops)

In common cold

Congestion without drugs (and pregnancy )

Prevention of infections of the nasal cavity

Who can use the Nasaline;


Anyone can use safely Nasaline, unless specific medical advice. Children can also use Nasaline Junior, after medical advice. We recommend using Nasaline Junior, for children from 4-12 years.


What constitutes the Nasaline;


The Nasaline consists of two parts : a syringe , and a silicone tip connected to the syringe tip. The silicone tip is designed for direct contact with the skin and applied in such a way that it completely seals the nostril . The channel inside the nozzle , has an hourglass shape , thereby producing a slight swirling flow when the solution enters the nasal cavity .


Advantages of Nasaline :


Become wash and not spraying - nebula .

The wash covers the whole nasal cavity .

Full control of the pressure - flow and no - preset constant , resulting in maximum comfort and efficiency, according to the characteristics , needs and uniqueness .

The solution exiting the other nostril , without swallowing the solution and the mucus .

Using warm solution which better fluidize the mucus , does not cause vasoconstriction , to have a larger surface washing effect niches be washed better than pollen , dust, etc.

There is no backward leakage from the nostril to apply (Backwash).

Options Isotonic or hypertonic solution .

Long wash.

Suitable for long term treatment.

No side effects and addiction.

Economical and versatile .

No additives or propellants .

It causes dryness of the mucosa .

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