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Nasal Cleansing
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Nikoma Nasaline Junior


Nasal wash system company Nasaline Junior.

The system nasal washes, recommended for children aged 4-12 years. Assists in decongestion of the nasal cavities and relieves symptoms associated with allergies, rhinitis or common cold. Saline solution is easy, convenient and safe method for washing the nasal cavity. More specifically, the syringe allows the user to control the flow for maximum comfort and efficiency. The patented silicone tip is designed to produce a slight stovilizomeni flow when the saline solution entering the nasal cavity. The syringe is recommended, not only one but multiple uses.
We suggest you consult your doctor before use. The Nasaline muzzle, developed by Swedish otolaryngologists and contains Latex.
The box contains the Nasaline device, 10 bags of salt Nasaline, storage case and instructions (including instructions in child form).
Contains small parts. Please keep the product away from children.

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