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Nasal Cleansing
SKU 22297

Nuk Nasal decongestant Replacement Spout 1pc


NUK Nasal Decongestant with replaceable orifice
To relieve stuffy nose
Simple, gentle and safe operation
In order for the baby to breathe freely again
Even a simple cold can be a significant burden because a baby in the early stages of their lives babies breathe only from their noses. So, a baby with a stuffy nose is uncomfortable and difficult to eat and sleep.
With the NUK nasal decongestant can release the baby''s nose with a safe and gentle way: simply squeeze the bulb of the decongestant to leave the air and place the nozzle in one of the baby''s nostril, keeping the other closed with finger. Gradually release the pressure on the bulb and the baby''s nose will begin to decongest expelling mucus.
The wide mouth safety prevents the decongestant penetrate very deep into your baby''s nose.

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