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Nasal Cleansing
SKU 17202

Physiomer Hypertonic Eucalyptus POCKET 25ML


Breathe free, completely natural immediate relief from the cold
Essential oils of eucalyptus
They clear nasal passages and provide relief that lasts
Extracts of wild mint
For a pleasant and intense freshness
Hypertonic solution of 100% sea water
For the physical relieve blocked nasal passages
Adults and children over 6 years
Physiomer, natural and effective solution for better breathing
New Physiomer hypertonic Eucalyptus
3 activities which help fight the common cold
1. Decongestant effect of 2.2% hypertonic seawater
reduces nasal swelling by osmotic effect
reduces excess secretions
2. Activities of the essential oil of the respiratory system EucalyptusGlobulus
Assists the mucosa-fringed rate
Purifying action: it eliminates the primary source of bacteria in the nasal infections and ENT complications
3. The pleasant and intense freshness provided by the wild mint 2 to 3 times a day during the cold