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Nasal Cleansing
SKU 6401

Physiomer Normal Jet 135ml


Product PHYSIOMER Normal naturally sterile and untreated water from the sea offering a very good cleaning and washing the nasal cavity, the xevoulonontas effectively to more than meros.Exaitias uniqueness in composition, maintains no change the amount of in trace elements and mineral salts, without being contained in it any preservatives and propellants.

Removes and cleans any unnecessary excretions of the nasal cavity while maintaining the humidity of nasal diodon.Leitourgei as a preventive method of infections of the ears, throat and nose.

The muzzle of PHYSIOMER Normal, is specially designed to fit perfectly on the nose of each user without the risk of any trafmatismo.Gia all these reasons, I highly recommend the members of the medical community in all cases presented nasal congestion problems in children from 6 years old up to adults.

Children older than 6 years and adults. (Mild jet).
Bottle of 135 ml.