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Throat Spray
SKU 26531

Cube Iovir Throat spray 20ml


Cube Iovir Throat spray 20ml - Spray for the throat against viruses

The Cube Iovir Throat spray 20ml is the new innovative spray anti-virus for the neck, as there is a drug product. It embodies the rich and active ingredients of natural and clinically proven substance Carragelose derived from marine red algae. It is suitable for use during lactation and pregnancy, but also ideal for all ages for a year or more and containing no preservatives.
It is ideal for the prevention and treatment of additional viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as cough, hoarseness, pharyngitis, sore throat and feeling of dryness, providing immediate and sustained relief.
Because of herbal ingredients, it creates a protective film of moisture on the mucosa, which supports the body''s defenses and prevents adhesion of viruses.

Content: 20ml

Instructions for use :
Prevention: Apply by spraying once every four hours
Remedy: Apply by spraying two or three times every four hours or as needed.