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Heremco SILOffGyn 30ml

Product code: 27138
Heremco SILOffGyn 30ml

Heremco SILOffGyn Vaginal Cream Gel, 30ml

treatment of epithelial mikroalloioseon which is the result of HPV or dryness.

To SILOffGyn medical devices in vaginal cream gel for combating mikroalloioseon resulting of HPV or of dryness virus. To SILOffGyn creates a protective film on aidoiokolpiko mucosa that acts as defense barrier and provides the best conditions for healing epithelial mikroalloioseon which is the result of HPV and dryness, as adjunctive therapy.
It contains an innovative patented composition, which has healing and lubricating effect.

It's apropriate:
⇒ To adjust the normal vaginal-cervical transformation zone
⇒ Restores physiological conditions after diathermopixia, colposcopy or warts vulva
⇒ For treatment of inflammatory diseases, intraepithelial lesions (SIL) and dystrophies wherein: Helps re-epithelialization, removing dead cells and keeping clean of any micro-traumas
⇒ Improves the damage healing time causing itching or burning and alleviate symptoms.
⇒ To combat dryness of the vaginal mucosa

Keep in shady and cool place, away from children.

Content - Packing: 30ml tube with 6 disposable applicator for vaginal application

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