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Intermed Babyderm Anthato Baby Perfume 200ml

Product code: 23617
Intermed Babyderm Anthato Baby Perfume 200ml

Anthato kids aroma.

The Intermed Babyderm Anthato Baby Perfume is a product of dermopaidiatric product line Intermed company. It is a unique aromatic solution, providing deodorization and stimulates and rejuvenates the skin and by extension you. Contains no alcohol trace and gives freshness and unsurpassed sense ferskadas that lasts, the sensitive child and baby skin, leaving a soft fragrant floral notes. The special emollients and protective herbs, keep skin elastic, without irritating or drying it, as happens with ordinary colognes trade, containing alcohol. This fragrance containing no alcohol. Aimed primarily at children aged 0-6 years.

natural fragrance of flowers, dermokosmitikon extract of herbs (chamomile, bitter orange, mallow), rice proteins.

Does not contain:
alcohol, artificial colors and preservatives.

It is dermatologically tested product, made from pharmaceutical grade raw materials. It has physiological pH. Contains 200 ml product.

Should irritation occur or be sensitive to any of the ingredients of the product, discontinue use immediately.


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