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Intermed Biolact Start 12ml

Product code: 23766
Intermed Biolact Start 12ml

Probiotic drops by Intermed.

These probiotic dropwise to a large quantity of microorganisms of the species Bifidobacterium lactis. These microorganisms are quite important as it is one of the first to colonize the infant intestine and kept in large populations throughout the life of the individual. In this way, effectively help to regain and maintain normal flora and proper bowel function, particularly in situations which often afflict infancy and childhood, such as infantile colic, allergies, constipation and diarrhea due making antibiotics, antiviral or change diet.

Contains 12 ml product (each ml = 40 drops) to two (2) billion live cells Bifidobacterium lactis.

Usage: You can use it daily as long as it has disturbed the balance of your digestive system. Shake well before use.

Dosage: Pour ten (10) drops a day or according to your doctor's advice.

Storage: Keep the product in a cool place. Do not bring it into contact with children. Keep refrigerated after opening.

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