Intermed Fever Trap

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Intermed Fever Trap

Intermed Fever Trapnew generation thermometer connected to the smartphone device to constantly and accurately monitor body temperature. Ideal for children and bedridden people.
The Intermed Fever Trap is a soft thermometer that continuously measures the temperature and sends the measurement wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Suitble from 1 month years old 
  • Continuous real-time measurement
  • High accuracy
  • Audio and Visual alert
  • Wireless range up to 40 meters
  • Safe to use with FDA approval
  • Comfortable and easy to apply
  • Rechargeable
  • Use for up to 7 days in each charging cycle
How to use 
1. Download the Fever trap application on your mobile or tablet
2.Register in the application and set the temperature at which you want to receive notification
3.Open the charger and insert the enclosed batteries.
4.The Patch is placed on the charging cradle and the light will indicate that it is ready for use.
5.Follow the instructions in the application you have installed on your mobile to get connected
6.Remove the tape from side 1 of the sticker and stick it in line with the sensor
7.Place the Patch with the purple side under the armpit
8.The device will start the preparation and will notify you as soon as it is ready.
9.The Intermed Fever Trap will alert you with an audible and visual message when your body temperature rises. You can also keep a history to inform your doctor.
System Support:
Iphone :Iphone 5s or later
iOs: 8.0 or later
Αndroid: 4.3 or later
1 x Fever Trap patch
1 x Charger
8 x Self-adhesive tapes
3 x Batteries ΑΑΑ
1 x Manual

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