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Korres Blush 32 purple brown 7mL

Product code: 2148
Korres Blush 32 purple brown 7mL

glowing effect

Zea mays blush

Blush and a luminous effect grain of corn that velvety texture .

Zea Mays:

Corn is now a valuable raw material for many industrial sectors , including - among many others - from seeds produced starch , alcohol and sweet syrup . Dried ' whiskers ' of the female inflorescence used in herbal medicine, while the beauty industry utilizes corn and corn because of the nutrients and moisturizing properties. ' Participate ' in cosmetic formulations for dry and dehydrated skin , while flour is also a great base for producing makeup that give glow to the face without irritating the skin . The domestication and cultivation of corn [Zea mays], the sanctuary for the Indians cereal on which was based the development of ancient civilizations of Central and South America , began about 9000 years in the highlands of Mexico. In Europe arrived after the ' discovery ' of the Americas and spread relatively quickly after the mid-16th century . The fruit was then much smaller and harder than those we have today , so normally used for feed.

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