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Korres Goji Berry Instant Firming & Lifting Mask 18ml

Product code: 26591
Korres Goji Berry Instant Firming & Lifting Mask 18ml

Korres Mask Goji Berry
Rich face mask that gives immediate tightening and elasticity to the skin.
Use: Apply on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10 -15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Dermatologist tested

For external use only
Keep this product in a cool, dark place away from children.
Do not use after six (6) months from the opening.

* Interest in Goji Berry from the early 21th century has increased because of their nutritional value. Considered hypertrophy - Yperkarpos (Superfruit), which has led to a wide range of products. In traditional medicine, reported that the whole fruit or extracts thereof have multiple beneficial effects on health. The goji berry is rich in fiber and vitamin C, iron and vitamin A. Because of these properties has been used in cosmetics.

Content: 18 ml (0.61 fl. Oz.)

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