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Korres Herb Balsam Colorant 6D Honey Chestnut 60ml

Product code: 432
Korres Herb Balsam Colorant 6D Honey Chestnut 60ml

Permanent Bafi Probably with Wheat Proteins & Bromo

It provides a natural and uniform color , while covering white and gray hair from the very first use . Protects , invigorates and gives volume and shine to the hair due to the exceptionally high content of herbal extracts . Does not contain ammonia , the frequent use of which can damage the hair . It is easy to use and can be applied at home or salon . Waiting time 20-40 minutes .
Paint composition :

H based paint contains a high proportion of plant components.
The key components are:
• Soy Extract moisturizing action , necessary for hair dyed frequently. Gives shine, volume and softness and strengthens hair .
• Extract protein wheat, corn and oats which increases the elasticity of the hair and protects hair from breakage .
• Alcohol beetroot ( molasses alcohol ) that carries the color in the hair.

The emollient cream contains essential oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus with soothing and energizing properties . The use of the cream is very important because it closes the pores of the hair , ensuring color stability and completing the painting process .

The emulsion mixing plant contains emollients and emulsion peroxide .

The ammonia is replaced by an alkali base with milder action on the hair , resulting in hair dyeing without the long term deterioration.

The package contains:
- Hair colorant bottle 60ml
Latex mixing bottle with applicator 60ml
-Hair conditioner sachet 10ml
- Gloves

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