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Korres Kids Sunblock Lotion SPF50 150ml 1 +1 Gift

Product code: 12880
Korres Kids Sunblock Lotion SPF50 150ml 1 +1 Gift

Children sunscreen emulsion of korres company.


With Shea Butter, sunscreen emulsion company korres, provides high protection against UVA and UVB radiation. More specifically, the Shea butter has strong moisturizing and soothing properties, thanks to the high composition of fat vegetable recommendation. In combination with the organic extract active Aloe protects children's skin from the harmful attacks of solar radiation and thus prevent the effects from exposure to the sun. With sun protection factor (SPF) 50, the children's sunscreen emulsion of korres, is dermatologically tested and resistant to water and sweat.

Shake well and apply sunscreen emulsion korres, evenly children face and body at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or toweling.

To reach the protection required in sun protection, you must use quantity 2mg / cm2.
Reducing this quantity will significantly lower the level of protection.
Do not stay too long in the sun even when using sunscreen. Excessive sun exposure is a serious health threat.
Allow time that the sun cream korres, be absorbed before coming into contact with clothing, as sunscreens may cause stains on clothes.
Does not contain: mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, ethanolamines and parabens.

* With a children sunscreen emulsion of Korres, offered as a gift the 2nd packaging.

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