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Lamberts Osteoguard 90tabs

Product code: 3520
Lamberts Osteoguard 90tabs

For Bone Health.
It is well established that many people’s diets are deficient in the two essential bone-making nutrients, calcium and magnesium, and that low calcium intakes can contribute to the rate at which bone mass declines with age.
The DoH recommends that women should have an intake of up to 1200mg of calcium per day, a level that is hard to achieve through diet alone, especially if the diet contains little dairy produce.
Magnesium, which is increasingly absent from the food we eat, is known to help in the deposition of calcium in the bones. Osteoguard® provides calcium and magnesium, along with boron and the vitamins D and K, which facilitate the utilisation of calcium.
Whilst one tablet a day provides good support for most diets, two tablets daily is particularly preferable for those with diets containing little dairy produce or those of menopausal age. Osteoguard® is an excellent partner for most multis.

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