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Medico Alcoholmeter

Product code: 23379
Medico Alcoholmeter

Alcoholmeter of Medico
This alcoholmeter (or alcohol meter or hydrometer), which is a body of chemical laboratories. Specifically, typically used for determining alcoholic liquids containing alcohol.
It is essential organ alcoholometry. Allows reading of alcoholics degrees directly, namely, cubic centimeters of pure alcohol detected in a mixture of 100 cc, which is under review, and is necessary at a temperature 15 C.
The alcoholmeter ermatofora a glass column is guided at the top in a longitudinal strain, bearing points. For the first graduation ballast is regulated so that the instrument be immersed until the end of the rod in the upper point, in 100 cc of absolute alcohol at a temperature of 15 ° C. In this way, by the numeral 100 the upper section of the shaft. Subsequently, the instrument is introduced into the alcohol solution containing 95% by volume, wherein being marked 95. The entire process is repeated in solutions containing 90%, 85%, 80%, 75%, n. Etc. Where they appear to stem the corresponding alcohol degrees.
Therefore, when the body is immersed in 100 milliliters of alcohol solution, whose alcohol content is unknown, it is sufficient to be read the words to the point of strain will be in equilibrium with the surface of the solution, and where is the degree of alcohol solution .


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