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Medico Hot Water Bottle With Cover, 1pcs

Product code: 23799
Medico Hot Water Bottle With Cover, 1pcs

Hot water of Medico company.

Specially designed to have no seams or welds of an annual rubber track. Therefore, minimizing the possibility of leakage of water, making the pad completely watertight. With cover in three different colors and designs, for greater softness. Indicated for the relief of pain in the abdomen, waist and neck. Warms your body at low temperatures is also ideal for relieving muscle aches or pains from injuries. The pad has a capacity of 2 Lit. It has ribs on both sides so as not to slip easily.
The usefulness of water bottles, is a timeless and enduring value, in terms of the way in which one chooses to heat at low temperatures but also to relieve the pain symptoms. Essential equipment for every type of age, classical heating pads of Medico, with cover and pocket rubber coming into the hot water and locks tightly cover your everyday needs.


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