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Medisana HUB 60215 Electric Heated Underblanket Single

Product code: 25415
Medisana HUB 60215 Electric Heated Underblanket Single

Medisana HUB 60215 Electric Heated Substrate Single

White heated underblanket Medisana HUB 60215 of MEDISANA with fast warm-up mode, you can gently warm and relax your whole body. It features comfortable and soft cover polyester fleece, with 2 levels of heat and power indicator LED. The use after a long day enhances blood flow in areas of tight muscle and wellness. The heated substrate ensures that the bed has a pleasant constant temperature in order to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly.

It recommended the activation of 30 'before you lie down in bed.
Connect the plug into the outlet and move the slide switch to position 1 from position 0. The operation lamp will light red. You will feel it starts heating the substrate and will be stronger if you cover it with a sheet. If you want a higher temperature, set the switch to position 2. If you feel that the substrate has warmed more than you want, then return the switch to position 1. The device is constructed so that Tier 2 be intended for warming up and step 1 continuous operation (before bed so set the switch to position 1).
To switch off set the switch to 0.

Length: 150 cm Width: 80 cm
♦ With continued heat distribution and temperature control.
Power: 60 Watt.
♦ Warranty delegation Medisana 3 years.
♦ Certifications CE and ISO 9002.

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