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Medisana Aroma Essence 10ml

Product code: 25077
Medisana Aroma Essence 10ml

Medisana hydrolysates diffuse fragrance 10ml
Hydrolysates * hydrolyzate, for humidifiers Medibreeze / Ultrabreeze and diffusers perfume (AD610, AD620, AD630, AD640)
The diffusers perfume of medisana give pleasant freshness indoors (house, commercial property etc.). They are the most healthy and effective way of freshening your space without creating smoke or fire
Using these devices hydrolysates of Medisana you can enjoy all the beneficial properties of aromatherapy. So you create a perfect atmosphere in your place!
The available flavors are:
> Lemon
> Eucalyptus
> Lavender
> Citronella
> Ylang-ylang
> Peppermint
> Orange
> Pine
> Wild berries
> Ocean breeze

* The hydrolysates also known as floral waters are extracted by distillation of plant materials steam.
The hydrolysates are like essential oils, but in lower concentration.
Caution: The hydrolysates are used ONLY with the corresponding diffusers perfume of Medisana (AD610, AD620, AD630, AD640), keep away from children, to avoid swallowing becomes

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